Dear all the customers,

If you come here for the first time, you are supposed to pay 1,000 JPY as an entrance fee.

Please order one drink, and you can freely touch a lot of reptiles.

You can get a lisence card when going out.
When you come again with the lisence card, no entrance fee is needed.



Reptile Cafe ROCK★STAR

Feel free to visit us if you are interested in any reptiles.
You can see or touch the reptiles, and you can enjoy the meal.
Please make yourself at home.
Our manager and qualified staffs explain how to breed the animals in a polite manner
If you are already an expert for them, you might not be so excited.
If you try to have them as pet for the first time, you will be satisfied with it..

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2-7-7, Naka, Namba, Naniwa District, Osaka City, Osaka
Namba FK Building 3F

7 minutes’ walk from Nankai Namba station